How Can I Track a Cell Phones Location?


Doing a reverse look-up a person can trace a cell phone location. With, the reverse look-up the search can usually located the city and state for the number. This search is free to the public to use.
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1. Get permission from the person whose cell phone you intend to track. 2. Make sure the phone you want to track is equipped with GPS technology. Phones that may be tracked include
GPS cell phone tracking is commonly used to guide people who need directions, to lead emergency personnel to someone after calling 911 or to help parents who wish to keep track of
1. Go to the website People Lookup. Enter the cell phone number in the "Phone Number" field, and click "Search. The website will run a search, and will tell you if
1. Check to see if your phone is still warm in between phone calls. While it is normal for phones to heat up during a call, they will usually cool down within 30 minutes after one
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How to Track a Lost Mobile Phone
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