What is a train diagram?


In the United Kingdom, a train diagram is used to chart out the day schedule for a single train. The entirety of a trains activity is recorded on this diagram, including trips during which nothing is picked up or dropped off.

The location from which a train departs and the time of departure are recorded on a train diagram. The diagram also records where the train stops throughout the day and where the route ends. This data can be organized in a variety of ways; for instance, a rolling stock work summary reports each of the beginnings and endings a train has in one day as well as the time at which it stops for the night.

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1. Decide what general type of layout and track plan you want. Are you going to model a train in the old west or an elevated line in Chicago? The setting your decide upon will determine
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You may find some pre war instructions from a dealer; these links may be helpful; http://www.ttender.com. http://www.olsenstoytrainparts.com.
For many model railroaders, dreaming up and designing a train layout is just as much fun as building and running one. This process can be done either on paper or by computer.
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