How to Fix Trane Heating Furnace Problems?


To fix problems with a Trane heating furnace there are a few things you can check. Check to see if the shut off valve is open. Check to see if the switch is turned on and the settings on the thermostat are correct. You can also check if any breaker has been tripped or fuse blown by looking at the circuit panel.
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1. Verify that the shut-off valve for the gas line has not been closed. Open the valve if it is closed to allow gas to reach the furnace. 2. Check the switch on the furnace to make
Trane Furnace model TUD080R9V4K4 what is the warranty and how long is the warranty.
Trane furnace Pros:High efficiency, Lower long-term energy costs.Cons: High initial
Low flame sense. May need the burners and flame sensor cleaned.
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