Transfer Ringtones from One Phone to Another?


To transfer ringtones from one phone to another on Verizon, power on the Bluetooth and set the other phone on discoverable. Search the Bluetooth on the first phone and put the password. Open the needed ringtones and start sending.
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The Apple iPhone comes with a set of built-in ringtones. However, some may find this selection of ringtones limiting. Fortunately, the Apple iTunes store allows you to purchase ringtones
It is possible to transfer ringtones to your cell phone by sending it from another cell phone or you are able to send it from a computer. You can get the cell phone ringtones by transferring
Fortunately there are a few ways to do this,
There is no way to send a ringtone from your phone only a sound. However when you receive a txt message containing a sound you can save it as a ringtone and a sound.
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To send ringtones from one phone to another it is easily done if you have a Bluetooth phone you are sending from to another one that is Bluetooth capability. With ...
I have a samsung from AT&T and the way I send ringtones from one cell phone to another is by selecting the tone I want to send. Next I click the send via ...
In order to transfer a contact list from one phone to another via bluetooth you will first need to both enable your bluetooth. Then you can go into the bluetooth ...
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