How do you transfer a patient from a bed to a wheelchair?


Transferring a Patient from her Bed to a Wheelchair can be tough. If the Patient is on the heavy side, it is best to have 2 People do this. First, place the wheelchair next to the Bed, Put the Brakes on. Then Patient must be in a sitting position before being lifted under the arms,After feet hit the floor, pivot the Body and gently lower them into the wheelchair.
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Most people have the aid of a lift to move the patient from the wheelchair to bed. Without such equipment, it is necessary to lower the bed to wheelchair levels. The type of transfer
1. Assess the patients’ overall strength and check for cognitive impairment. Examining the strength of the patient will help you set up a good plan for the maneuver - whether
Place it on the side where the patient can best grab it, if they're able. That way they can help. If they aren't able to help, get a transfer board and place the wheelchair on the
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