Transitional Vertebra?


A transitional vertebra is a type of congenital vertebral anomaly in many animals, including humans. Simply, a transitional vertebra possess the properties of two different vertebra. An example is when a cervical vertebra has a transverse process that looks similar to that of a rib.
Q&A Related to "Transitional Vertebra?"
At the junction of two regions, e.g. lumbar and sacral, which take on the characteristics of the arch and articular processes of the next section.
In transitional lumbosacral vertebrae, usually last lumbar vertebra or the 1st sacral vertebra are formed improperly. People are born with this condition
Transitional vertebra is a type of an anomaly found mostly in animals especially dogs. It is a sort of a malfunction of the spine or the back bone. It causes instability in the bone
This describes the shape of your spine. It means it wasn't formed properly and there's a hard lump formed to fill in a gap. There are various techniques for treating it but the best
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