How can I translate a paragraph from English to Spanish?


One can translate paragraphs into Spanish from English by knowing both languages. If one has learned both Spanish and English, this should be a simple task. If one does not know one of the languages, then there are online translators that one could use. Otherwise, one could ask someone who speaks the language for help.
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1. Select and copy the paragraphs of the text in English to be translated. If the paragraphs are offline, type them into a Word document first. 2. Paste the text in English into an
The best way to translate Spanish to English is to use a translator. It is so cool to be able to actually teach yourself word translations. As we all know practice makes perfect.
Well here is my attempt, probably not perfect though: También, la casa tiene una piscina así se puede nadar y relajarse. Pero la casa no es muy grande y no puede contener
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How to Translate Paragraphs From English to Spanish
While a person can speak and understand spoken Spanish, reading written Spanish may be a harder task. While it can be pleasantly challenging to translate a sentences lines by line with a English-Spanish text, it can be tiring and time-consuming to... More »
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One can translate words, phrases and sentences from English to Spanish on 'Spanishdict' website. This can also be done using an English-to-Sapnish dictionary. ...
The Spanish phrase La Momia Desaparece translates into English to mean the mummy disappears. To find out the meaning of most any word and ...
Sin is Spanish for "without" and cara is Spanish for "face." So sin cara means without face, or faceless in English. Sin Cara ...
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