What Is the Hawaiian to English Translation of Hoaloha?


In English, the translation of the word 'hoaloha' is companion, friend, beloved, befriended, dear friend. The word is a noun, and it is used frequently in the Hawaiian language. It is in the name of various Hawaiian businesses.
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'opa-nvs. Lame, crippled; a cripple, lame person; to limp, be lame. 'ōpā. 1. vt. To press, squeeze, knead, as in massaging or in working dough. 2. vi. To ache, as from sitting
The name Eric, is still Eric even in Hawaiian. Thanks for doing the
Thank you, you woman that laughs. 'Aka'aka can be interpreted to be happy laughter, feigned laughter or mocking laughter. Source(s) I am a native speaker in ka 'ōlele Hawaii
1. Look up the name in a Hawaiian-English name book. These books list an English name, followed by its literal Hawaiian translation. Similarly, individuals can look up a Hawaiian
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