Translate English to Jamaican?


English is the official language of Jamaica. However, there is a local language called Jamaican Patois, pronounced Patwah, or called Jamaican Creole by linguists. There is also a created language by the Rastafarians that is unique to them. Patois is a spoken language mostly and written language is Jamaica is British English. Since Patois is a mix of English, African, Spanish, and other languages, there is no true way to translate it unless you know a native speaker.
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1. Be a native Spanish speaker who can fluently read, write and speak English and Spanish. A high level of education in Spanish is also acceptable if you are immersed in the Spanish
Very few if any English words have "orginated" from Patois as it itself is derived from the linguistic history of Jamaica as a Spanish then English colony with West African
Because Jamaica was once a British colony.
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