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English is the official language of Jamaica. However, there is a local language called Jamaican Patois, pronounced Patwah, or called Jamaican Creole by linguists. There is also a created language by the Rastafarians that is unique to them. Patois is a spoken language mostly and written language is Jamaica is British English. Since Patois is a mix of English, African, Spanish, and other languages, there is no true way to translate it unless you know a native speaker.
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There are various online translators. Many of these services are free to use. Also, you may think about getting a few books from your local library or bookstore.
1. Apply for places to study translation. Translation is usually taught as an Master of Arts-level subject, and candidates require a degree in languages or a background that demonstrates
Very few if any English words have "orginated" from Patois as it itself is derived from the linguistic history of Jamaica as a Spanish then English colony with West African
Because Jamaica was once a British colony.
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