Translate English to Laos?


Laos is a language native to Thailand, Laos, and Cambodia. There are over 25 million people who use this language. In Thailand it is referred to as Isan language. Laos is a tonal language written in abugida script. There are many, many dialects spoken in Laos but the most prominent is Vientiane, the dialect of the capital city of Laos. There is also Northern Lao, Northeastern Lao/Tai Phuan, Central Lao, Southern Lao, and Western Lao dialects. Google Translate can translate into Laos script and also show you how to pronounce it.
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The Laos phrase "buk ha ni" translates to English as "I
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Teacher. The Chinese word for it is 老師.
1 Have a very thorough knowledge of English and technical writing. Once you are translating a technical document into English, you must write like a technical writer as though the
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