Translate English to Taiwanese?


The internet has a number of great translation programs. You can even get your browser to translate the webpage for you when opening it. Taiwanese is also referred to as traditional Chinese in translator programs. There are a large number of dialects in the Chinese language. They are all part of the Sino-Tibetan language family. There is Taiwanese Hokkien and Taiwanese Mandarin as well. If you are trying to write to someone in Taiwan or China, you should learn exactly where they are and what dialect they speak as this would be easier. Many translation programs can automatically detect the language when you type it in.
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1. Measure the Taiwanese child's knowledge and comprehension of the English language. Many children already know bits and pieces of foreign languages, but may not be old enough to
The best way to translate Spanish to English is to use a translator. It is so cool to be able to actually teach yourself word translations. As we all know practice makes perfect.
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taiwannese is just chinese, we call it "你懂吗" in chinese.'Do_you...
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