Translate Sentences from Tagalog to English?


A person can translate sentences from Tagalog to English by using one of many online translators. These special websites are setup with extensive databases containing many popular translations. Tagalog is the native language to approximately 25 percent of the residents of the Philippines. While it is the national language of the country, most residents use it as a secondary language behind the more popular English. Most words in Tagalog can readily be converted into English.
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English Translation of NAMISS DIN: missed also; year. ned for too. Translations: Namiss means. missed. Din means - also.
1. Examine the text that you will translate. Underline the verbs and their subjects. Leave the other parts of speech unmarked. 2. Translate the verbs to Spanish. At this stage, only
Okay, I prefer you call me (elder) sister. I can do it for my family. Yes I'm still single, so all my earnings goes to mama.
I'm sorry, but I can't find a English alternative to this phrase.
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