What does the French phrase "tres chic" mean?


The French phrase "tres chic" means "very stylish." Though it is a phrase in the French language, the English language has adopted the use of it without translating it directly into English.

"Tres" in French translates into the English word "very," and "chic" translates into the English as "fashionable" or "stylish." The phrase "tres chic" just sounds more stylish, so speakers of the English language often use the French phrase for emphasis. They also use the sentence "C'est tres chic" to give a true continental flair to their message. Other French phrases adopted into English include "coup d'état" to describe a government overthrow, "coup de grâce" to mean the final blow, "cul-de-sac" for a dead-end street and "déjà vu" to describe the feeling of having experienced something in the past.

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"C'est tres chic" means "That's very stylish" in French. That phras...
She is very cool. would be a near English equivalent. But since French is a gendered language. It is very cool. (in the sense of 'fashionable) would be another possibility.
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"très chouette" means really great. Ask us anything 24/7!
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