Translational Motion Definition?


Translational motion is the aspect in which a body moves from a specific point to the next. This can be in terms of objects, molecules or atoms. This kind of motion normally takes place in a straight line for instance bullet which is fired by a gun. The object in motion does not change by turning on its axis for it travels in a straight line. Any slight change or rotation can cause the object to change direction in general making it not move toward the specified direction.
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Motion is the act of movement. Something is moving or changing it's place. You can have continuous motion or intermittent.
The motion of a ball thrown from a height, movement of a football & the movement of a hand while writtingare all examples of translatory motion.
( tran′slā·shən·əl ′mō·shən ) (mechanics) Motion of a rigid body in such a way that any line which is imagined rigidly attached
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