Translucent Items?


Items that are referred to as translucent will appear clear or see-through in nature. Common household items that are known for being translucent include plastic bags, windows, drinking glasses, sunglasses, and candy wrappers. Translucent items are useful in most causes because they allow a person to see through to the other side. If an item does not have transparency it will be referred to as opaque in nature. Sheer is another word that can be used to describe a translucent item.
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Glass, clear plastic, etc.
Tent cover. Window shade. Parasol. Sheer white dress.
water in clear containers other liquids in clear containers plastic baggies glass window anything you can see through
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Items that are classified as translucent will be see-through and will allow light to pass through with ease. There are number of objects that exist that are translucent ...
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