What does "translucent" mean?


When something is translucent, it means that it allows light through. However, the details of an image are not clear and they can be scattered. Some examples of translucent things are frosted vases, lace, light bulbs, thin scarves, screen doors, and mesh. When something is transparent, it means that you can see right through it. Things like windows, glass, and clear plastic are transparent. When are not able to see anything through another item, it is called opaque.
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computer, feet, blanket, headphones, hair, water, tea, cup, tacks, unibrows.
Plastic, tissue paper, and certain types of glass are all translucent objects,
Things like : 1. Milked Glass(a glass which was filled by milk and then emptied) 2. Frosted Glass. Basically translucent are substances through which the light gets diffused and the
The Dugong, Manatee, Sea Horse, Leafy Dragon, Weedy dragon, and Parrot Fish are examples.
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