What happens if you overfill transmission fluid?


Overfilling transmission fluid causes the fluid to foam, resulting in erratic shifting. The foam prevents the fluid from providing proper lubrication to the transmission parts and ultimately damages the transmission. The overfilled unit causes the fluid to leak past seals, reducing the pressure. HowStuffWorks warns that too much transmission fluid is just as damaging as too little.

The dipstick tube is the port through which one adds automatic transmission fluid in most vehicles. This tube is approximately one-half inch in diameter. A long-tip funnel helps prevent spilling the fluid when adding it to the system. To change transmission fluid, HowStuffWorks recommends measuring the fluid that drains from the transmission and adding the same amount of new ATF back into the unit.

Before checking the ATF level, the transmission should be at operating temperature and the vehicle parked on a level surface. The actual level of fluid is the lowest top mark on the dipstick below any air gaps. If the system is low, adding 4 ounces at a time helps to prevent overfilling.

Automakers are moving away from the dipstick system, according to the Agco Automotive Corp. Some have an overfill plug, which the technician removes when adding fluid, allowing any excess fluid to drain away to prevent overfilling problems.

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1. Drive your car for five to ten minutes until it is warm. Check the transmission fluid only when the transmission is warm. Keep the engine on when you check the transmission fluid
If it is over half a quart overfull you risk blowing the seals out of your transmission. Especially the front seal that is located in your front pump. The pressure will be too great
Remove enough excess fluid to bring the reservoir to the correct level. A simple siphon pump will do the trick, but make sure the motor is running at normal operating temperature
Too much transmission fluid could create foam which is
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How to Overfill the Transmission Fluid
Transmission fluid lubricates and cools elements of the transmission. New fluid is translucent red or pink in color, but the fluid looks brown and muddy when it needs to be changed. Transmission fluid should be changed typically every 30,000 to 60,000... More »
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