What is involved with transplanting a burning bush?


Transplanting a burning bush involves extraction of the bush with its intact root ball, careful transfer to the new location, and gentle insertion into the prepared planting site. According to About.com landscaping expert David Beaulieu, the process takes about two hours. This job requires two people.

All landscaping transplants begin with preparation of the transplant site. This minimizes the time that the plant's roots are exposed to open air and reduces the risk of dehydration.

According to The Gardener's Network, a common error is starting to dig right at the base of the plant. This damages and severs roots, potentially killing the plant. The proper digging approach begins 2 or 3 feet away from the plant's base. Slow, careful digging with a sturdy shovel gradually reveals the root ball. Many landscapers use a hand trowel to finish digging around and underneath the root ball. The trowel offers greater precision and prevents accidental root damage.

With the root ball exposed, two people lift the plant up and out of the ground, preferably onto a large plastic tarpaulin. David Beaulieu explains that the tarpaulin facilitates transfer to the new location and makes it easy to slide the plant into the prepared hole.

A transplanted burning bush needs several inches of fresh mulch mounded around its base. Leaving a 3-inch gap between the base and the mulch helps air circulate around the bush and reach the roots. New transplants also require extra water, which helps establish the roots in the new location.

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How to Transplant a Burning Bush
Burning bush (Euonymus alata) makes a bright addition to hedges and landscaping, thanks to its bright red color. It's also a very hardy plant, thriving readily up to zone 4. Burning bushes grow very slowly, about 3 to 4 inches annually, so you won't have... More »
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