Transplanting Cactus?


Transplanting cactus plants should be done in the Spring. To transplant a small cactus, shake most of the dirt from its original site, then move it to a slightly larger wide and shallow pot. Feed it alkaline plant food and give it plenty of sunlight.
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1. Place sterile container onto a work surface. The used pot or container will need to be cleaned thoroughly with a solution of bleach and water. Wipe out a new pot with the same
Carefully. If you need to handle it out of its pot fold a sheet of newspaper up and use it wrapped round the plant to let you handle it.
Keith, I am sorry for the delay in answering you, have had some computer issues that are now resolved. Find a pot that is about twice as large as the one it is in. Use a "cactus
Put a layer of succlant potting mix in the bottom of the new pot. Loosen the soil in the old pot. Get 2 sticks, and a friend. Lift the cactus using the 2 stick as clamp (not too tight
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Cactus plants are transplanted when they are in a hard to manage spot or have become too big for their surrounding. To transplant a cactus plant loosen the soil ...
1. Dig a planting hole before transplanting your cactus from its pot into the ground. Make the planting hole two to three times the volume of the original pot. ...
1. Mark one side of the cactus with chalk and take note of the direction it's pointing. Cacti often develop uneven resistance to sun damage, and marking one side ...
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