How do you transplant a cactus plant?


Transplanting cactus plants should be done in the Spring. To transplant a small cactus, shake most of the dirt from its original site, then move it to a slightly larger wide and shallow pot. Feed it alkaline plant food and give it plenty of sunlight.
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1. Notice which way the barrel cactus crown-where the ridges meet at the top-faces before moving it (usually south, toward the sun) You should replant it in the same orientation.
Carefully. If you need to handle it out of its pot fold a sheet of newspaper up and use it wrapped round the plant to let you handle it.
Keith, I am sorry for the delay in answering you, have had some computer issues that are now resolved. Find a pot that is about twice as large as the one it is in. Use a "cactus
Whenever, they are not picky. If you're trying to propagate, though, you should do that between now and 21 June.
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How to Transplant a Cactus
When you transplant a spiny cactus such as Easter lily cactus (Echinopsis oxygona), hardy to U.S. Department of Agriculture plant hardiness zones 8 through 11, safety is a consideration. For small cactuses, the best handling tool is a pair of kitchen... More »
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