How much should I water after transplanting evergreen trees?


To water transplanted evergreen trees, you should first mulch the base. Water thoroughly every 3 to 5 days.
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1. Mulch the base of the transplanted evergreen with organic, nutrient-rich soil-mixed with compost, manure, and/or peat moss-to 5 feet out at up to 6 inches thick. These rich mixes
A tree that never sheds its leaves throughout the year is known as an evergreen tree. E.g. Pine trees. The leaves of an evergreen tree are called pine needles. They are pointed, long
Autumn. The soil is still warm from summer but the ambient temperatures are lower so the plant does not get heat stress and can put energy into root growth over the winter. Source
1. Make a square sheet of paper. Adjust a sheet of notebook paper to a perfect four-sided square by folding diagonally in half and cutting off the excess edge. 2. Fold the square
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How to Transplant Evergreen Trees
Evergreen trees may need to be transplanted to other areas of the yard because of their immense height. It is essential for the gardener to think about how tall the tree will grow before planting. When an evergreen starts to get too tall for its site, it... More »
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Evergreen trees are not immortal beings. There are several things that could cause their demise including forestry, poison and spruce spider mites. These notorious ...
There is a large number of tree varieties that are considered evergreen trees. Some of these include the Emerald Green Thuja, the American Holly tree and the ...
Transplanting hibiscus can be carried out in a few steps. To begin with the transplant, choose a new spot and remove from its original spot by digging down to ...
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