Transplanting Fruit Trees?


In order to transplant fruit trees, you need to do it while they are still young. Dig all around the tree and extract it including all of its roots. Next, take a sufficiently large hole and bury its roots once again.
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1. Plan your transplant when the fruit tree is dormant. The best time is when the tree is completely dormant, and you are expecting temperatures above freezing for a couple of weeks
Good Afternoon Tew.Anne, I have nine (9) fruit trees but no cherry tree. I wish I could plant a cherry tree. My wife was raised in Virginia. She loves cherries. I truly believe she
Transplanting is a serious adjustment for a tree so it may take a couple of years to settle down to it's normal cycles.'t_be...
About the same as other states, but thank you for the reference, zone knowledge helps. Transplant when trees are dormant, but just starting to wake up (no visible signs but underground
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How to Transplant Fruit Trees
Transplanting large plants and trees can be tricky, and when fruit trees are involved, people usually want to be even more careful. Your ability to transplant a tree will be limited by your physical ability to move it. If you have a small tree that you... More »
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