How to Transplant Hibiscus Trees?


Transplanting hibiscus can be carried out in a few steps. To begin with the transplant, choose a new spot and remove from its original spot by digging down to 1 foot from the base of the trunk. Lift the root ball out and water the new hole that is around 3 feet wide and deep enough for the root ball. Plant the hibiscus tree, add soil around it and water it. Add 2-3 inches of mulch to the top soil and fertilize it around 4 times a year.
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1. Transplant a hibiscus in the proper time of year and weather for your climate. The proper time to transplant the hibiscus is anywhere from late August to late October, depending
Early springtime is the best time to plant and transplant. Spring is the time when plants 'wake up' from their long wintry sleep. It is nature's calling for them to live again and
Hello Glenda. Thank you for your question. I'm assuming that you're enquiring about Hibiscus planted outside. If that is the case, the best time to transplant any shrub is either
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How to Transplant Hibiscus
Hibiscus plants should be transplanted whenever they are not getting enough sun, or when they are overcrowded--or even when they're just not doing well where they are. You first need to determine the best place to move it, and then you can decide the... More »
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