How to Prune & Transplant Sedums?


Transplanting sedum in spring. Divide the plant by digging it up being careful with the roots. Use a sharp knife to cut the roots to divide them. Dig a hole for the plant, place roots in the dirt, cover with soil. Yo prune sedum when it is done blooming for the season. Prune down to the ground.
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The best time to divide a sedum is in early spring before the plant begins producing blossoms. Divide the plant by removing root ball from the ground and placing it on a tarp in a
Spring and fall are the best but they both can be transplanted successfully at any time. Just keep them moist, in shade,and get them back in soil as soon as possible. Gardiners are
Watch the sedum plants for indications that the plant needs dividing. If the center of the plant falls over and will not support the blossoms, it is time to divide and transplant
Autumn joy sedum is a hardy succulent ideal for poor growing conditions, including hot sunlight, drought and thin, rocky soil. An unusually tall sedum, autumn joy will grow to 18
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How to Transplant Sedum
Gardeners seeking a versatile and easy bedding plant often choose sedum for their flowerbeds and borders. Sedum is a succulent plant and thrives readily in most sunny locations in a landscape. Sedum is also an easy plant to transplant from place to place... More »
Difficulty: Moderately Easy
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