How to Use a U3 Smart Data Traveler.?


1. Connect the U3 Data Traveler into an open USB port on the PC. Wait for the computer to notify you that you can use the device. 2. Double-click the "My Computer" icon on your desktop. 3. Double-click the icon for your U3 Smart Bank Traveler (it may
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Overall Rating: Rating 4.5 Star Rating star(s) Memorex Mini TravelDrive U3
The drives with U3 have some programs on them that run directly off of the drive so that you can use them on other computers.. there is also other programs that you can get for them
To download U3 compatible programs, click on the “Add Programs” icon located in the U3 Launchpad. This link will take you directly to the U3 Download Central where you
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1. Insert the Kingston Data Traveler 100 USB drive into an available USB slot. 2. Click "Start" select "Computer" and open the drive letter ...
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