What is a treadmill safety key?


Safety keys are a vital part of treadmills which immediately stop the belt when removed. They are clipped to the body and plug into a socket near the console. Should the runner be unable to continue or fall, the machine will automatically stop when the key is pulled out. This reduces the risk of injuries while also helping to prevent damage to the machine itself. For machines without a safety key, the only option is to manually turn the machine off or let the cycle stop on its own.
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1. Inspect your treadmill and determine what type of safety key it uses. The most common types are a slide-in key and a magnetic key. If you have a slide-in key follow the steps in
It is not a good idea to bypass it, it is there for your safety and the safety of your children or pets. I have provided a link of one I found for purchase in case you lost yours.
You can go www.fitnessrepairparts.com or www.treadmillpartszone.com God bless you
All you have to do, is call your brand. They might be able to change it. I did that, but they said most tredmills you can't. You have to buy one without that feature! I did alot of
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How to Build a Safety Key for a Treadmill
Treadmill safety keys are helpful at keeping you safe when you run by turning the treadmill off if you get too far away from it, but they serve another purpose as well. In most cases you can't turn your treadmill on without the safety key in place.... More »
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