Treasure Hunt Clues for Kids?


To write treasure hunt clues for kids, make sure the clues are challenging but not too hard. Questions need to be written in clear handwriting or typed. Proper clues will help make the treasure hunt more successful.
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1. Choose a location to hide or bury your treasure. Go to the location and write down a description of the treasure's location on your notepaper. 2. Walk slowly to the point at which
- What are treasure hunt clues? Any series of hints that direct the participant to the final destination. An example would be some kind of riddle, that HINTS where to go next, but
1. Know your audience. Things to consider include: The age and gender of the children. The amount of time the treasure hunt should take. The theme of the party (if applicable) Any
CLUE #1 - MONDAY, JUNE 22, 2009 The Spirit's alive! 'Round the city we drive as the
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Treasure Hunt Clues for Kids
Creating a treasure hunt for kids is an inexpensive, creative way to spend a long summer day or bring a group together for a special celebration or activity. Kids often enjoy the thrill of the search, figuring out clues and riddles, and of course,... More »
Difficulty: Easy
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