What are treasure trolls?


The "Treasure Troll" is a type of small doll. It is distinctive from other "Troll" doll types in that it has a belly button "wishstone" gem.

Like other troll dolls, the "Treasure Troll" has the distinctive wild lock of colorful hair and brown-tinged skin. The only significant difference is the packaging and the gem set in its belly button. The color of the eyes and hair were also matched to the color of the gemstone. A related board game was produced by Pressman Toy Corporation in 1992, which had the trolls competing to be the first to collect all of the colored wishstones.

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Things You'll Need. Skin-colored leotard. Large jewel. Spray-on hair color. Water bottle. Rubber band. Glue. The Basic Outfit. Buy a skin-colored leotard. If you cannot find a leotard
Treasure Trolls generally refer to the trolll dolls that were so popular in the early
He has to use most of it on his return to the Shire, to buy back his possessions after his relative the Sackville-Bagginses presume him dead and start selling his furniture.
12 dollars.
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