Treat a Cat with a Cold?


Typically a cat with a could should be treated by keeping them warm, supplying a fresh supply of water, and giving food as needed. Colds are caused by a virus which cannot directly be cured to treated. Only the symptoms can be addressed which will make the healing process go quicker and make the cat more comfortable through the ordeal. For severe colds or those which do not seem to get better, a visit to a local veterinarian is advised to rule out more serious conditions.
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Treat a Cat With a Cold
The best way to treat a cat with a cold is by going to the veterinarian to get an antibiotic. Treat a cat with a cold with tips from a cat behaviorist in this free video on cat care.... More »
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1. Encourage eating. Offer your cat canned food rather than dry because it has a stronger odor, and try feeding him a little bit of tuna. When a cat has a cold, he probably doesn't
There's an old adage, "feed a cold and starve a fever." But, today we have a lot more knowledge about how to treat a cold. First of all, we know that we "catch"
Apparently, some cats are treated for a cold with antibiotics. Only your vet can
Cat colds are different from a human cold as far as the pathology goes, but similar in symptoms and treatment. Your cat most likely has an upper respiratory infection. Treat your'...
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Treating cats with cold is not that different from treating a child suffering from the same. Keep your kitten warm and well-fed. It would also be a good idea to ...
A cat that is sneezing is a sign of a cold or a respiratory problem. In order to treat your cat it is best to take them to the veterinarian for correct diagnosis ...
There's nothing that you can safely do at home to treat a cat's ...
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