What is a treatment for a dry hacking cough?


According to WebMD, drinking honey in hot water, tea or lemon juice is a treatment for a dry hacking cough. Cough drops or hard candy can sooth irritated throats as well.

HowStuffWorks suggests home remedies made with licorice root, garlic, honey, steam or chicken soup. Licorice drinks are made by adding an ounce of sliced licorice root or real-licorice candy to a quart of boiling water, then steeping for 24 hours. Honey can make this drink sweeter and helps a cough. A quart of licorice-honey drink should be consumed over the course of one day.

Garlic is not only an expectorant. It also contains antiviral and antibiotic properties. To treat a cough, it can be eaten raw or added to food such as chicken soup, or a garlic broth can be made. Chicken soup with or without garlic also helps with hydration and contains cysteine, a chemical that can thin phlegm, according to HowStuffWorks.

Inhaling steam moisturizes dry throats and flushes out mucus, as HowStuffWorks points out. The steps include boiling a large pot of water, adding eucalyptus oil or Vicks VapoRub, placing the pot on a counter or table, leaning over it with a towel draped over the head and breathing in the steam for approximately 15 minutes. Eucalyptus oil or Vicks VapoRub is not required, but either addition assists as a decongestant and expectorant.

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Dry Hacking Cough Treatment
According to WebMD.com, coughs are the body's way of eradicating mucus and foreign matter from the respiratory system and upper airway passages. Although coughs are often beneficial, dry hacking coughs are generally unproductive and can cause discomfort... More »
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