How do you treat eye burns from welding?


You can treat eyes burns from welding by first of all closing your to keep it from getting more damage, then get a small towel dip it in cold water, rinse and place it on top of the eye while your resting until the cloth becomes warm. Put gauze on your eye to keep some pressure on the eye. Wear sunglass when going somewhere and take anti-inflammatory to remove the pain, then immediately go see the doctor. Eye burns can be treated by dropping dilating drops I the eye and you will have to go back for checkup.
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Lie down and rest with both eyes closed,Do not read or watch TV.You could
Put a cold rag over your eyes. And take pain pills. Cucumber on the eyes really help a bit too. I'd put the cucumbers on after dropping the eyes with salt water, then apply a cold
Not Medical Advice: You can treat burnt eyes from welding by using dilating drops - sometimes used to relax the eye muscles; putting on dressing and antibiotics
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