Treatment for Hairline Fracture Wrist?


A hairline fracture means the bone has not been displaced. With proper care, the bone will heal without any deformity. The best treatment available is the use of a cast, which will immobilize the wrist and prevent the bone from displacing before it heals.
Q&A Related to "Treatment for Hairline Fracture Wrist?"
X-rays are used to determine if there is a fracture in one or more bones of the wrist. X-rays are helpful in locating many fractures, but may not be as effective in revealing cracks
I think of a hairline fracture as a non-displaced fracture. In other words, the bones are not moved out of position, but the involved bone is still broken, technically. Usually, hairline
For most hairline fractures you will be asked to follow the RICE protocol
There is a possibility of a scaphoid fracture as it is very common place to fracture on direct impact on the wrist. your wrist is made up of two layers of bones called carpal bones
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