What is the treatment for impacted bowel?


Impacted bowel is a large mass of hard and dry stool. There are various kinds of treatments that one can undertake so as to check on one's diet for instance a person should consume more fiber from fresh fruits and vegetables and one should avoid coffee since it contains caffeine. Having regular exercise establishes a pattern of regular bowel movement. Use warm mineral oil enema that helps the impacted bowel to evacuate the rectum without any injury and lastly a person can be subjected to medications from qualified personnel like use of glycerin and bisacodyl helps to soften the stool.
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Impacted bowel , or fecal impaction, refers to a large mass of hard, dry stool that can form in the rectum because of chronic constipation. Sometimes, the mass is so hard that it
Avoid foods that produce gas-such as fatty foods, raw fruits and vegetables, carbonated drinks, coffee, raw salads, broccoli, cabbage and cauliflower. Because foods don't affect everyone
feces that are impacted in the bowel.
Impacted bowel is when waste gets backed up and is difficult to get rid of the waste.
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Treatments for an Impacted Bowel
A fecal impaction is a hard mass of stool in the rectum, too large to pass through the anus without causing severe pain or tearing. Fecal impactions are usually caused by chronic constipation, which may be related to diet, lack of exercise, overuse of... More »
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