Treatment of Rupture Bursa Sac in Knee?


The treatment of a bursa sac that has ruptured in the knee depends on the size and severity. Treatments can include antibiotics and steroid injections to help control the pain. The ruptured bursa can be aspirated in order to remove the fluid within the knee. Surgery may also be recommended to remove the bursa that is damaged. After the surgery, physical therapy may be recommended. Pain medication and antiinflammatory medication may be given to help with the healing process.
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I would recommend going to an Orthopedic Doctor and let them drain it. Having that much excess fluid in the knee area can lead to other problems. Besides, letting a Doctor drain it
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I would suggest seeing a doctor about it and look into occupational therapy and a brace. Source(s) Bachelor Degree in Health Science/Medical University of SC 2007.
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