How Do You Treat a Finger That Has Been Slammed on a Car Door?


To treat a finger that has been slammed in a car door, first apply ice to the finger. Over-the-counter pain relievers may help some as well. It's important not to try to splint the finger yourself, or attempt to drain the finger if it is swollen. If you suspect you need your finger to be drained or splinted, it is best to get treatment from a medical professional.
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First you should wait until most of the pain goes away. Then, try to put an ice pack on it. If it hurts to much to do that then don't do it. Your finger nail will probably frezz your
To reduce pain and swelling, apply an ice pack to the affected area and keep your hand raised above the level of your heart. Continue applying ice for up to 20 minutes at a time,
When to see a doctor: Blood collects under nail,
Just do not carry heavy weights for a couple of days. The fingers just get the pressure of the door but they are normally not broken. It happened to me too and the door could not
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