What causes broken blood vessels?


Broken blood vessels are most often caused by minor trauma, such as bruises and bumps, according to Nutra Legacy. However, Nutra Legacy also notes that broken vessels can occur as a result of the natural aging process. Certain illnesses and medications can also cause bleeding into the skin, according to Healthline. These conditions include blood infections, autoimmune disorders, radiation, chemotherapy, certain cancers and sepsis.

According to Nutra Legacy, there are two presentations of broken blood vessels, including purplish welts or bruises and red dots or blood spots. The former is more often associated with trauma, while the latter is commonly associated with medications and disease, as explained by Nutra Legacy.

Ruptured blood vessels due to trauma are fairly common and usually heal on their own in just a few weeks. Common treatments include applying pressure and cold compresses to the affected area. Blood spots take longer to heal and may be treated with medications that shrink blood vessels, according to Nutra Legacy.

In rare cases, bleeding into the skin can be dangerous. Healthline recommends that individuals seek immediate medical attention if they experience pain in the affected area, blood seeping through the skin, darkening of the skin and swelling. Other worrisome symptoms include itching and the prolonged spread of the affected area. Medical attention is also necessary for those with a family history of bleeding disorders.

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