How can I create a braid with a weave?


A tree braid weave is when you have straight lines and the hair is split out of as an alternative of the standard individual braids. This style can be achieved by using artificial or human hair additions. To braid with weave, buy the best weave that suits the colour of your hair, then comb it out so as to detangle it. Spit your hair into four parts, and then make cornrows. Gently place the weave on the cornrows, and then use some adhesive to stick it on the cornrows. Once the entire weave is firmly held into place, apply olive oil on it then spray moisturizing spray to keep it moist.
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1. Comb your natural hair over where your extensions are attached to hide them, if possible. 2. Section off a two-inch segment of hair from the front of your head using a comb. Separate
well there is extension whice you can braid in and it is just like braiding with your real hair .Them weave is when you glue or sew in sewing last longer you can't braid in weave
1 Wash your hair. Creating tree braids with wet hair is easier and provides better results. Ad 2 Select a section of hair that is approximately 1/2-inch wide. Divide the section of
Get some body wave hair in bulk. i have body wave sewn in right now and I
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