What is a tree fungus?


Fungus is a large problem for many species of trees. They attach themselves to the bark, branches, and leaves before sucking the life directly out. Fungus thrive in cool, dark places and this is where they most often found. Trees which block much of the sunlight and are situated near water will be more likely to suffer from fungus. There are many treatments like fungicide which effectively remove a fungus infestation before its causes unrepairable damage to the tree.
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Prevention. Fungal infections can be caused by natural spread or by using contaminated tools and equipment. If you are working with a number of trees and suspect that one or more
Lingzhi (also known as Reishi) is a type of fungus that grows on trees.They are found in China,and they are used as medicinal herbs in China.
It is closely related to a fungus called Bleeding Broadleaf Crust causing white rot. Source(s) http://www.treetrees.com/tree_fungi_gall….
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What Is Tree Fungus?
The role of fungus in the ecosystem is to decompose material both living and dead. Saprotophic fungi are of little interest to tree owners since they only decompose dead matter. It is parasitic fungi that cause alarm because they feed on living tissue... More »
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