How to Kill Adult Trees Using Muriatic Acid?


If you have a tree that you want to remove by killing it with acids, you may want to try muriatic acid. It's sometimes called hydrochloric acid. You'll want to dilute the acid according to directions. Wear protective gear. Dig a trench around the tree to expose the roots. Then pour the acid directly on the roots. After cutting down the tree, pour some of the acid mix on the top of the stump also.
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1. Combine the muriatic acid with water in a metal bucket, according to the manufacturer-recommended ratio on the back of the bottle. Wear rubber gloves and goggles to protect your
sulfuric acid.
Scientists say that acid rain damages the waxy outer coating that protects
1. Examine the base of the fruit tree to locate suckers. Suckers often grow straight up through the ground from the root base. 2. Dig 3 to 5 inches into the soil around the sucker
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