What are "tree suckers"?


The suckers at the base of a tree are just branches. They are an attempt from the tree to grow more branches when it is under some kind of stress.
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Suckers affect many varieties of shrubs and tree including pomegranate, peach, apple and dogwood. They are vigorous stems that grow upwards from the root system of the parent plant
Suckers are the shoots that grow from the rootstock below the graft. They should be removed by pulling them off when they are young. Not to be confused with epicormic shoots which
A tree sucker is an odd branch has started growing from the base or the roots of your tree. A tree sucker will sap the energy away from the healthier branches.
Tree sucker sprouts and watersprouts are vigorous, upright, epicormic shoots that grow from dormant buds on older wood. They are mostly a problem on fruit and landscape trees, can
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Tree Sucker Removal
Tree suckers are branches growing from the base of your tree. Not only are they aesthetically unappealing, but they also produce inferior foliage, blossoms and fruit. Trees will grow suckers during times of stress as an effort to produce more branches.... More »
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