How to Unlock a Palm Treo Pro.?


1. Press any button on your Palm Treo Pro. A "Phone Locked" message will appear. 2. Enter your numeric PIN or password using the number and letter keys. A password can consist of case-sensitive letters, numbers and punctuation. Hold down the "Shift"
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A Treo Pro is a Smartphone made by Palm that comes with email, Wi-Fi, GPS, and Windows Mobile® 6.1
The official release date of Palm Treo Pro was on January 9 in the year 2009. The original Palm Treo was released in 2002 and had no phone component built in.
Yes sprint and verzion will carry the mobile, I believe it will be available first quarter of 09 Source(s):
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Designed for the way you work and live with email, Wi-Fi, GPS, and ...
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