Triolet Poems for Kids?


Triolet poems are fun and easy for children to write since they can be about anything. Triolet poetry does follow certain rules, they must be eight lines long, rhyme, be brief, and the rhyme scheme must be ABaAabAB.
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something you love or something you hate. A singer or band, a triolet can be about anything.
There are many poems available online for kids! One site has a listing of kids poems that can be read for free. The site is updated frequently!You can find more information here:
1. Offer as many examples as possible. Use poems that a child can relate to on subjects that mean something to them such as school, holidays, family or pets. Using lyrics from a well-known
Ogden Nash? James Thurber? ee cummings? Flanders and Swann did a song about the spider in the bath I have fought a Grizzly Bear, Tracked a Cobra to its lair, Killed a Crocodile who
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