What are some fun trivia questions for the elderly?


Elderly people enjoy spending time with their friends. They also enjoy playing games to keep their brains active and their bodies fit. Trivia questions are a great way to work out the brain. The questions can come from board games or you can have each participant think of 5 questions and answers. There are also trivia games that can be played on the computer that are easy to use. The game Trivial Pursuit actually has a version that is targeted towards the 50 and older crowd.
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1. Determine your audience. You might be writing questions for a bar full of baby boomers or a student union full of college kids. You want people to be able to relate to your questions
1 Always keep your ears and eyes open as trivia is nothing but based on general knowledge(usually). Ad 2 Read. Yes reading helps in increasing your GK. Read newspaper everyday. If
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