Troubleshooting Bose Wave Radio?


The first step to troubleshooting a Bose Wave radio is to check the power cord. Unplug it from the wall and check for fraying, or cuts in the wire. It's also possible that the radio is interfering with the TV, move it away from any TV sets and see if the problem still occurs.
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1. Reset your sound system - this serves as a catch-all troubleshooting measure for a non-functioning device. Unplug the device from the outlet and let it rest for 10 seconds before
Bose introduced the Wave Radio II, a table top audio system, in 2005. For this system drivers were revised. It features a dual tapered waveguide and is, apart from the lack of a CD
Fuse location varies by model, but all do have an internal fuse located on one of the circuit boards. Sorry I can't be more specific, but you'll have to open the case and check the
You can a Bose wave radio anywhere between $250-500 dollars. The $500 ones are
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How to Troubleshoot a Bose Wave Radio
Since its foundation by Dr. Amar G. Bose in 1964, Bose has focused its efforts on reproducing natural, live sound via home audio components, relying on a blend of reflected and direct sound to create a live effect. The acoustic waveguide system, first... More »
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