Troubleshooting Electric Motor Problems?


There are various routine checks that can be performed when troubleshooting an electric motor. The areas to be addressed will vary depending on why you are troubleshooting. Heat, noise, and vibration are all common reasons why you may look for a problem with a machine that runs on an electric engine. Performing routine maintenance on an engine will keep it running at optimum performance, and help to extend the life of the equipment that it is providing power to.
Q&A Related to "Troubleshooting Electric Motor Problems?"
1. Turn off the power to the motor then disconnect it from the power source. Inspect the motor capacitor. If it is not attached to the motor at two points it needs to be replaced.
1 Determine the wiring section of the house that has the problem. Confirm that the problem encompasses more than 1 light or appliance. If only 1 light or appliance is not working,
A couple of ideas: 1. Get a multimeter to measure voltage, resistance and current. Invaluable tool for diagnosing electrical problems. 2. Start with the easy stuff: Is a fuse blown?
It can be quite tricky to troubleshoot motor starters, especially the electric type ones. But if you are fairly experienced with motor work and would want to learn how to do simple
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