Troubleshooting Tappan Gas Stove?


How to troubleshoot a Tappan gas stove depends on what's wrong with it. If the oven isn't heating, it could be because of the oven igniter, the bake element, an incoming power problem, oven control board, a thermal fuse and more. If the range burners are sparking all the time you can check the spark ignition switch or the spark module.
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1. Unplug the range from the wall outlet prior to disassembling. 2. Lift the burner grates off of each individual burner and set them aside. 3. Remove the burner caps from each burner
to convert it you need to change the orifice.
90% of the time it's the oven ignitor. This has to glow so bright/hot before the gas kicks on. When they go bad it normally does not glow bright enough to let the gas turn on. So
Troubleshooting a Tappan gas stove Check the pilot light Tappan stoves are much like any gas stove. The pilot light is the flame that ignites the gas, located After years of wear
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