What is up with this Toshiba 2003 television?


Troubleshooting TV and VCR hook-ups are madatory as part of the maintenance electronics. A problem with a Toshiba 2003 television can be solved by removing the plug from the socket and replacing it after 4hrs.If this does not work use the user manual and try and locate where the problem might be listed, if not go to your nearest authorized Toshiba service center
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First, do a hard reset: Unplug the power cord for 4 hours. If that doesn't help, try whacking the set with your hand or fist. Go all around and smack it robustly to see if some loose
It is possible the screen is magnetized. If you have a subwoofer or other speaker or anything with a magnetic field nearby you must move it further away from the screen. The set has
Need to be more specific. Check obvious thing like plug switched on etc! - cable in firmly! When you switch the tv on put your hand against the front of the screen - can you feel
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