How to Install Truglo Shotgun Sights?


To install a TruGlo shotgun sight you will first need to have a TruGlo sight and a shotgun. You then need to make sure the gun is unloaded. You then need to slide the front sight onto the stock rib.
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1. Open the chamber of the shotgun and inspect for the presence of ammunition. Make sure the gun is empty and no rounds are in the chamber or magazine. If possible, leave the action
Truglo has a contact number for dealers only, 972.774.0300 or 888.8.TRUGLO. FAX: 972.774.0323. Submit online q's at report this answer. Updated
The TOP pin will be 10 or 15 yds. You can move the casing down for height & move the pin for side to side. #2 pin make ALL adjustments with the pin only Being a first yr. hunter
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