How is a Bell bike rack trunk mount installed?


Bell is a company which makes a range of motocross and bicycle equipment which include bike racks which mount onto cars. Installation of a bicycle rack require various steps to be followed. Pull the two tubes from each other to open up the rack, the padding should face down the rack tubes, open the trunk as you place the rack on top of the trunk lid. Pull the straps closest to the rear of the car to the bottom edge on the trunk lead. Close the trunk and grasp the rack, ensure each clip is lined up with the frame.
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Instructions. Ensure that nothing needs to be stored inside the trunk before you install the trunk mount. Some trunk mounts don't allow you to open the trunk once they're installed.
I really like the Saris "bones" racks. Bikes mount securely and quickly, and the bands / mounts seem to last well.
Every single BICYCLE SHOP I know of carries trunk mount bike racks. Define "reasonable price" I don't have your bank account or credit card info. Two door - four door - : Hollywood Racks E3 Express 3-Bike Trunk Mount Rack . Hollywood Racks F6 Expedition 3-Bike Trunk/Bumper Mount Rack . Hollywood Racks F1B The Original 3-Bike Trunk Mount
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