Truth or Dare Questions?


An essential part of social life for kids throughout generations, Truth or Dare never fails to entertain. After a few rounds, however, it becomes challenging to think of unique questions when someone chooses 'Truth.' After all, the hackneyed 'Who do you like?' loses its shock value once everyone's answered. Here's a list of some interesting Truth questions that will keep you and your friends talking for hours:

  • If you had to spend a year on a desert Island with one person here, who would you choose?

  • Have you ever cheated on a test? If so, when?

  • Of everyone we know, which person annoys you the most?

  • If you could be any person in the world for a day, who would it be?

  • What's the biggest lie you've ever told?

  • These questions will provide a jumping off point for everyone in thinking up new Truths. Remember, when creating your own questions, try to think of something that will be interesting for everyone to discuss, but don't ask something that could make anyone there sad or uncomfortable. After all, Truth or Dare is a game, and games, first and foremost, are supposed to be fun.
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