What is a tub spout leak?


A tub spout leak usually means there is an issue with the sleeve that connects the spout to the water pipe. If it is worn, there will be a water leak. The first step to determine this is to run water to see where exactly it is leaking.
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A bathtub and shower combination spout will leak water while you are taking a shower if the diverter has worn out. The diverter is the small bar or handle you use to change where
The drain is most likely the same name as the faucet since they come together. Good luck, Van. Your spout isn't leaking, its doing what it is supposed to do. Lt directs water that
Hi Simon, When you operate the diverter, it creates a certain amount of back pressure in a normally open pipe. It is not normally subject to this pressure. As long as there is no
There are a number of ways tub spouts attach to the plumbing line. They can screw on or use set screws to fasten to a copper pipe with no threads at all. This is a great link visually
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How to Fix a Leaking Tub Spout
A leaky tub spout causes problems like water stains around the drain and constant dripping. Luckily, for the homeowner with a do-it-yourself knack, this problem is fixable. It requires about an hour of time and a willingness to get your hands dirty.... More »
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